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Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China-- Experimental realization of multipartite quantum correlation using nuclear spins of trapped ultracold ions

Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Grant No:11734018

Project:Experimental realization of multipartite quantum correlation using nuclear spins of trapped ultracold ions

Chief Specialist: Prof.Mang Feng


    Quantum precision measurement is an important part in quantum information science, whose technology is of widely practical perspective. Quantum correlation characteristic is the core in realizing practical techniques of quantum precision measurement. However, quantum precision measurement based on multi-particles has not yet achieved due to difficulties in preparing multipartite entanglement. Ultracold ions confined by electromagnetic field can maintain quantum characteristic to the best and 14 ions has been in entanglement. But due to sensitivity to decoherence, there has been no research for multipartite entanglement. The project is to explore quantum precision measurement from few-body to many-body systems based on the nuclear spins of 43Ca+ ions, which can not only avoid nano-techniques in making ion chips and fast moving the ions, but also suppress decoherence the most. The short-term task of the project is to achieve entanglement under week magnetic field, study quantum correlation and develop new approaches for quantum precision measurement; The long-term task is to demonstrate multipartite entanglement under strong magnetic field and achieve ultra-precision measurement by breaking down standard quantum limit.

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