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Test of the equivalence principle based on dual-species cold atom interferometers 2016/10/28
Nondestructive measurement of the transition probability in an ytterbium optical clock 2016/10/28
Precision calculations on the atomic structures and the theoretical research on the external field effects 2016/10/28
Solid state NMR spectroscopy 2016/10/28
Universal laws and non-equilibrium dynamics in ultracold atomic gases 2016/10/28
Optical frequency comb in the extreme-ultraviolet(XUV) 2016/10/28
Studies of precision measurements of inertial rotation via three-axis NMR gyroscopes based on spinning sidebands from nuclear-quadrupole resonance 2015/10/31
Biological solid-state NMR analysis 2015/10/31
Experimental study the electric-field noise near the metal surface based on the trapped ions 2015/10/31
Liquid-beam photoelectron imaging spectrometer for the investigation of charge transfer processes in biomolecules 2014/10/31
The formation and properties of giant Dipole-moment Rydberg atom in crossed fields 2014/10/31
Variational Problems Arising in Quantum Many-Body Systems 2014/10/31
The study of calcium ion optical frequency standard with high precision 2014/10/31
Fabry-Pérot Laser interferometer for testing Lorentz invariance 2014/10/31
Ultralow field laser-detect magnetic resonance instrument with high sensitivity 2014/10/31
Many-body correlation effects in atomic and molecular processes driven by ultrafast intense laser fields 2014/10/31
Real-time observation of dynamical evolution of quantum states in atoms and molecules 2014/10/31
New Project of WIPM Accepted the National Basic Research Program(973) 2011/08/10
The precision spectroscopy of trapped and cold Ca ion 2010/10/31
The Physical and Technical Foundation for Atomic Frequency Standards 2009/09/07
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