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WIPM Verifies Thermodynamics of Information at a Single Spin Level 2018/01/12
Physicists Realized Entangling Two Distinct Atoms for First Time 2017/11/01
Significant progress of Prof Tang and colleagues in structural dynamics of Ubiquitin 2017/06/15
A new paramagnetic magnetism method for protein dynamics 2017/02/20
Over-length reveal the protein transient conformation:a new method for investigating protein dynamics 2017/02/15
WIPM verifying Heisenberg’s uncertainty relation using a single trapped ion 2016/10/26
New Progress in Revealing Biological Effects of Different Coated Gold Nanorods 2016/10/17

A New Magic Optical Trap is Constructed in WIPM and the Coherence Time of

Single Atom Qubits is Increased Over One Hundred Times

The project entitled “Method Development for Characterization of Protein Dynamics”assistants the determination of a series of important protein structures 2016/09/12
Progress on solid-state NMR studies of solid acid catalysts 2016/05/05
New Progress in Discovering the Neural Circuitry Mechanism for Innate Fear in WIPM 2016/03/11
WIPM New Research Exploring Structural Phase Transitions of Ion Crystals 2016/03/02

40Ca+ optical frequency standards with E-17 uncertainties and stabilities

 are realized in WIPM

China Exclusive: China explores new imaging technology for early lung diseases 2015/09/09
New progress in the mechanism of Lys63-linked ubiquitin chain recognizing specific targets 2015/07/27
New progress in precision spectroscopy of trapped and cold 40Ca+ in WIPM 2015/07/07
New Progress in Human Body Temperature Sensitive MRI 2015/06/11
Progress in Exploring Non-equilibrium Quantum Phase Transitions 2015/05/15

Direct Observation of Ca2+-Induced Calmodulin Conformational Transitions in

IntactXenopus laevis Oocytes by 19F NMR Spectroscopy

Progress in molecular high-order harmonic generation in WIPM 2014/11/24
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