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Solid state NMR spectroscopy

Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China 

Grant No:21522310

Project: Solid state NMR spectroscopy

Chief Specialist: Prof.Anmin Zheng

Abstract: Solid acid catalysts (such as zeolites, heteropoly acids and metal oxides) have been widely used in petrochemical industry due to the environmental friendly property and high product selectivity. The applicant has been engaged in this research direction for many years and made some achievements, particularly on the structure-property relationship in the solid acid catalysts. The main achievements are summarized as follows: (1) develop the theoretical methods for the NMR parameter prediction of the solid materials. (2) establish a NMR method for quantitatively measuring the acid strength of solid acid catalysts by the chemical shifts of various probe molecules; (3) characterize the structures of acid centers and then determine the structure-property relationships for some solid acid catalyst materials with potential application. In recent years, the applicant has published 70 SCI papers which have been cited 1029 times by others in the SCI journals.This project is focused on zeolite catalytic systems based on the series of NMR experimental and theoretical method established by the applicant. Solid-state NMR techniques and theoretical calculations are combined to investigate the acid-base properties of zeolite catalysts, and the pore confinement effect on the electronic structure of reactants and the reaction mechanism. It’s hoped to achieve a breakthrough in the structure-property relationships of the zeolite catalysis.

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