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Biological solid-state NMR analysis

Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China 

Grant No:21425523

Project: Biological solid-state NMR analysis

Chief Specialist: Prof.Jun Yang

Abstract: The applicant’s research focuses on biological solid-state NMR methodology for structure analysis. Aiming at solving the challenging problems in biological solid-state NMR, the applicant has developed 7 new solid-state NMR methods for structure analysis and dynamics studies of (membrane) proteins. The applicant has developed a new solid-state NMR method for measuring the long distance constraints based on PCS, extending distance constraints from 5-6 to 25-40, and greatly increasing the number of distance constraints. He developed two new pulse sequences for 15N-13C transfer with doubled efficiency and stability. The applicant has established a mixed isotopic labeled scheme for investigating protein-protein interface with significant improvement of the efficiency. He has developed a 3D solid state NMR pulse sequences for residue-specific order parameter measurement of solid proteins. The applicant has published 40 papers, including 5 JACS and 1 Angew Chem In Ed papers as first or corresponding author. He has published 2 JACS and 1 Angew Chem In Ed papers as first or corresponding author since he returned Wuhan from Germany. His works have won the approval of the solid state NMR experts in the world.

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