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New Project of WIPM Accepted the National Basic Research Program(973)

Recently, the “973” project “Key Physical Issues and Technical Realization of Optical Frequency Standards” has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), and the chief scientist is Prof. Gao Kelin, WIPM.

In 2005, Prof. Gao Kelin as the chief scientist undertook the “973” project “Fundamental Physics and Technology of Atomic Frequency Standards”. This project is the subsequent support of that one. In 2010, the “Fundamental Physics and Technology of Atomic Frequency Standards” project passed successfully the identification of MOST. Many key technical progresses had been mastered in the field of atomic frequency standards. All groups in this program developed very well, and would play very important roles for establishing of an independent time and frequency systems and meeting future national defense, scientific research, space navigation and other high-precision frequency standard needs. Besides, they could provide a forward-looking basis for working on the development of national Atomic Frequency Standard.

On this occasion, the “973” project “Key Physical Issues and Technical Realization of Optical Frequency Standards” will base on precise manipulation and measurement of optical frequency, process the deep research of key physical issues of new generation of optical frequency standards. This project will research fundamental physical issues and key technologies of atomic frequency standards, and make an important breakthrough in new principle of atomic frequency standards. The aim of this project is to develop high precise and accuracy atomic frequency standards on the international standards. Through executing of this project, the research strength of atomic frequency standards of the Chinese Academy of Sciences even the country will be enhanced.

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