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The precision spectroscopy of trapped and cold Ca ion

Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Grant No: 11034009

Project: The precision spectroscopy of trapped and cold Ca ion

Chief Specialist: Prof.  Gao Kelin

Introduction: Recently, with the development of laser cooling, cold atoms, mode locking femtosecond Laser and laser frequency stabilization, it is possible to further improve the measurement precision of atomic and molecular spectrum. Trapped and laser cooled singleions provide suitable atomic systems for precision spectrum and new generated atomic optical frequency standards. In the research of precision spectrum, the different motion, physical and external field effects are the focal points. Based on the platform of a single trapped ion, we prepare to study carefully some effects, such as the dynamics of effective laser cooling of single trapped ion, precise control of electric and magnetic field and blackbody radiation. And comparison of the optical transition frequencies of two ions respectively trapped in two different traps will be researched.Trapping, laser cooling and clock transition measurement of the odd isotope 43Ca+ will be studied, too. Thus, we can carry out theoretical and experimental research of precision spectrum of trapped ions, and we can search some new methods to measure and control the external field, and analyze and reduce the different effects who bring the frequency shift of the clock transition. Besides, we can get the lifetime of D state,quadrupole moment and high precise clock transition spectrum. Those works will lay the substantial groundwork for improving the performance of optical clock of a trapped and laser cooled single ion.

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