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The project entitled “Method Development for Characterization of Protein Dynamics”assistants the determination of a series of important protein structures

Recently, with the grant support from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (title: Method Development for Characterization of Protein Dynamics), the lab of Prof Chun Tang at WIPM successfully established series of novel methods for protein dynamic study. With support of these methods, Prof Ping Yin structurally characterized the METTL3–METTL14 complex, which catalyzes N6-adenosine methylation, and the results was published at Nature(

This work shows structural basis of N6-adenosine methylation by the METTL3–METTL14 complex, which was a great progress for epigenetics. Zhou Gong (associate professor), Zhu Liu (post-doc) and Prof Tang joined in the project. Using the newly established methods based on SAXS and simulation in silico, they provided extraordinary support to solve the protein complex structure.

With 3-year effort, the group of Prof Tang managed to establish and develop numbers of new methods for protein dynamic study, which are based on NMR, SAXS, CXMS, FRET and imagining technologies; also, they developed new integrated computational approach for protein dynamic study. Besides the projects taken by the lab, they always collaborate with other domestic and international groups and share the novel methods with them. With the grant support, the lab of Prof Tang has provided remarkable help to solve protein structures, and obtained a series of research results, which are published at Nature chemical biology (accepted, 2016), Nature communications (, Scientific reports (, eLife(

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