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Self-bound droplets of a dilute gas

Subject:Self-bound droplets of a dilute gas
Speaker:Prof Blair Blakie(BlakieUniversity of Otago, New Zealand)
Time:10:00am,12th May.,2017
Place:1016 lecture hall,12F, M Building of Institute,WIPM


Recent experiments with Bose-Einstein condensates of dysprosium and erbium atoms have observed the formation of droplets that can preserve their form, even in the absence of any external confinement [1]. These droplets occur in the regime where the long-ranged dipole-dipole interaction between the atoms dominates over short-ranged contact interaction. In this regime meanfield theory predicts that the condensate is unstable to collapse. However, as the collapse begins, and the density increases, the quantum fluctuation corrections become important and stabilize the system as a finite sized droplet. I will discuss our recent theoretical work predicting the existent of self-bound droplets [2] and their excitations [3].
[1] M. Schmitt, M. Wenzel, F. B?ttcher, I. Ferrier-Barbut, and T. Pfau, Nature 539, 259 (2016).
[2] D. Baillie, R. M. Wilson, R. N. Bisset, and P. B. Blakie, Phys. Rev. A 94, 021602(R) (2016).
[3] D. Baillie, R. M. Wilson, P. B. Blakie, arXiv:1703.07927

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