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Frontiers in ultra-cold atoms 2017/04/17
Integrable and non-integrable models in quantum optics 2017/04/10
Strange Observations in a quantum degenerate plasma 2016/12/30
Non-covalent interactions, a challenge to experiment and theory 2016/12/30
Infinite matrix product state and its applications in solvable models 2016/12/30
Soft and active matter in physics and its relevance to the biological sciences 2016/12/15
Planar Vortex Patch in Incompressible Steady Flow 2016/12/06
Competing orders in dipolar Fermi gases 2016/12/06
Electron dynamics in atomic systems interacting with a single-cycle pulse 2016/10/25
Center of Mass Momentum Dependent Interaction Between Ultracold Atoms 2016/10/11
Thermodynamics, contact and density profiles of the repulsive Gaudin-Yang model 2016/09/18
First principle investigations on planar molecules,layered sheets,and framework materials 2016/09/09
Existence of positive solutions with a prescribed singular set of fractional Yamabe problem 2016/09/09
Spike cluster solutions for reaction-diffusion systems 2016/09/09
Some Results of Einstein Equations 2016/09/09
Global regularity v.s. finite time blow up for compressive Euler equations 2016/09/09
Fermi gases close to a p-wave interaction resonance 2016/09/09
The Dry Ten Martini Problem 2016/09/09
Closures of Hardy and Hardy-Sobolev spaces in the Bloch type space on the unit ball 2016/09/09
Global stability of prey-taxis models 2016/09/09
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