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Relativistic Normal Coupled-cluster Theory of Atomic Dipole Polarizabilities and Electric Dipole Moments 2017/12/04
Experiments with highly excited helium atoms - F?rster resonances and circular Rydberg orbits 2017/11/30
Atomic calculations for fundamental research and search for new physicsproblems of modern physics 2017/11/30
Methods of atomic calculations for many-electron atoms motivated by fundamental problems of modern physics 2017/11/30
Elementary introduction to superfluidity and cold atomic gases 2017/11/30
Understand the influence of E-cadherin clustering on its biological function using multi-scale model 2017/11/30
Relativistic Many-body Theories to Probe New Physics due to Parity and Time-reversal Symmetries Violating Interactions 2017/11/30
Recent Advances In Precision Spectroscopy of Ultracold Atoms and Ions 2017/11/30
Determination of the proton radiusand proton radius puzzle 2017/06/27
Periodic solutions of nonlinear equations with a fractional Laplacian 2017/06/27
Dynamics of Vortex in Euler Flow, Liouville Equation and Keller-Segel System 2017/06/27
The Cauchy problem for radially symmetric homogeneous Boltzmann equation with Shubin class initial datum 2017/06/27
Mathematical deep learning prediction of biomolecular properties 2017/06/27
Global sensitivity analysis of models with correlated inputs and models with constraints 2017/06/27
Self-bound droplets of a dilute gas 2017/06/27
Supercritical semi-linear Elliptic problems via new variational principles 2017/06/27
Frontiers in ultra-cold atoms 2017/04/17
Integrable and non-integrable models in quantum optics 2017/04/10
Strange Observations in a quantum degenerate plasma 2016/12/30
Non-covalent interactions, a challenge to experiment and theory 2016/12/30
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