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Non-covalent interactions, a challenge to experiment and theory

Subject:Non-covalent interactions, a challenge to experiment and theory:Determination of dissociation energies of molecular clusters by ZEKE/MATI Spectroscopy

Speaker:Chaired Professor Klaus Muller-Dethlefs (University of Manchester, UK)

Time:4:00pm,3rd Jan.,2017

Place:lecture hall,4F, Pinbiao Building of Institute,WIPM


The lecture describes the development of high-resolution Zero Electron Kinetic Energy Photoelectron Spectroscopy and its further applications for the study of non-covalent interactions in molecular clusters. In particular, the measurement of dissociation enthalpies by a variant of the ZEKE method, Mass Analysed Threshold Ionisation (MATI),will be presented. Also, the connection to ab initio theoretical methods will be discussed.

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