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Infinite matrix product state and its applications in solvable models

Subject:Infinite matrix product state and its applications in solvable models

Speaker:Dr. Hong-Hao Tu (Ludwig-Maximilian-Universit?t München, Germany )

Time:10:00am,4th Jan.,2017

Place:lecture hall,4F, Pinbiao Building of Institute,WIPM


I will present an overview of the infinite matrix product states constructed from conformal field theory. These states, defined on lattices, are useful ansatz for onedimensional critical models (both periodic and open boundary conditions) and twodimensional chiral topological phases. In this talk, I will focus on one dimensional cases and present several examples to illustrate how these states are closely related to solvable models of Haldane-Shastry type and how they can help us to design trial wave functions for describing non-solvable important models (such as spin-1 Haldane chains).

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