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Competing orders in dipolar Fermi gases

Subject:Competing orders in dipolar Fermi gases

Speaker:A/Prof. Erhai Zhao (George Mason University, USA )

Time:10:00am,15th Nov.,2016

Place:lecture hall,4F, Pinbiao Building of Institute,WIPM


About the speaker: 

1996, Fudan University, China, B.S.

1999, Fudan University, China, M.S.

2005, Northwestern University, USA, Ph.D.

2007, University of Toronto, Canada, Postdoc.

2009, University of Pittsburgh, USA, Postdoc.

Now, George Mason University, USA, A/Prof.

Current Research Interests:

Condensed matter theory, Many-body physics.

Publication Summary:

Total 37 papers, including 11 in PRL, 11 in PRB and 7 in PRA. Total citation: over 1000 (788 since 2011, Google Scholar). H-index:19.



TExperiments on quantum degenerate Fermi gases of magnetic atoms and dipolar molecules begin to probe their broken symmetry phases dominated by the long-range,anisotropic dipole-dipole interaction. Several candidate phases including the p-wave superfluid, the stripe density wave, and a supersolid have been proposed theoretically for two-dimensional spinless dipolar Fermi gases. Yet the phase boundaries predicted by different approximations vary greatly, and a definitive phase diagram is still lacking.In this talk I will introduce a theory that treats all competing many-body instabilities in the particle-particle and particle-hole channel on equal footing. Then I will present the low temperature phase diagram obtained from numerical solution of the functional renormalization-group flow equations. In particular we find a nontrivial density wave phase at small dipolar tilting angles and strong interactions, but no evidence of the supersolid phase. The critical temperatures of the ordered phases are also estimated.

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