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National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars-- Ultra-sensitive Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Grant No:81625011

Project: Ultra-sensitive Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Chief Specialist: Prof.Xin Zhou


    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an important medical imaging technique, and enhancement of MRI sensitivity is one of the key challenges. Applicant keeps focusing on the development of instruments and methodology of ultrasensitive MRI, and has successfully applied to the pulmonary disease studies, achieving the following innovative results: (1) Independently designing and building two ultrasensitive MR instruments: the first domestic gas MRI instrument, and the first domestic ultralow field MR spectrometer; (2) Developing novel methods for in vitro ultrasensitive MRI: multimodal molecular imaging for lung cancer, and Hyper-SAGE technique for enhancing MR sensitivity;(3) Applying to in vivo pulmonary disease MRI: obtaining the first domestic in vivo lung MRI, and lung cancer theranostics. Applicant has published 52 articles in peer-reviewed journals, such as PNAS、Chem. Comm.、Magn.Reson.Med., 23 invention patents, 2 book chapters, and has been appointed as editors for one book and one international journal. The applicant’s scientific result has been followed by the Lab of Sir Peter Mansfield, the MRI Nobel laureate. Evaluation of “Ten Thousand Talent Program” in 2015, “100-Talent Program”was outstanding, “May 4th Youth Medal” of Hubei Province in 2014. If this proposal is funded, applicant will continue developing homebuilt instruments, and apply them to the pulmonary disease study,by coupling with multifunctional and targeted molecular sensors.

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