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The study of calcium ion optical frequency standard with high precision

Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Grant No: 91336211 

Project: The study of calcium ion optical frequency standard with high precision

Chief Specialist: Prof. Kelin Gao

Introduction: Time (the reciprocal of frequency) is one of the physical values measured with the highest precision currently. One can achieve a frequency standard with more accuracy, further test the physical laws and discover new physical phenomena. Optical frequency standards based on cold atoms have the highest frequency accuracy among all atomic frequency standards currently; they have great opportunities to become the new definition of the SI second in 2019. The optical frequency standards will be developed also have important support to seek a stronger voice for our country in definition the new international time standard (SI second). And some experiments of checking fundamental physical laws can be carried out on the base of the precision optical frequency measurement.

This project will adopt the combination of theory and experiment. On the basis of the experience of single calcium ion optical frequency measurement, we will process the research of high precision calcium ion optical frequency standard. And we will research the influence on the precision spectroscopy by many effects such as motion effect, electric field and magnetic field effect and blackbody effect et al. At the same time, we will compare directly the frequency of two 40Ca+ optical frequency standards, and develop higher performance optical frequency standard, which will provide the high precision measurement value of atomic optical frequency.

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