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Fabry-Pérot Laser interferometer for testing Lorentz invariance

Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Grant No: 11327407

Project: Fabry-Pérot Laser interferometer for testing Lorentz invariance

Chief Specialist: Prof. Lisheng Chen

Introduction: Testing the fundamental laws of physics with ever-increasing precision is one of the major tasks of the modern experimental physics. The Lorentz invariance,

which is closely related to the isotropy of the speed of light, is the foundation of the theories of the special and general relativities. High-precision laser interferometers play an important role in the test of the Lorentz invariance. This project develops a laboratory-operated ultra-stable laser interferometer using Fabry-Pérot cavities, systematically and quantitatively investigates various mechanisms that affect the stability of the interferometer, and experimentally tests the Lorentz invariance in

electromagnetic section (photon). The long-term stability of the interferometer is enhanced by building the two interference arms in a single-piece Fabry-Pérot cavity, allowing a projected stability of 2E-16 for the relative frequency difference Deltv/v (v, optical frequency). Furthermore, correlation detection realized by a “twin”-interferometer architecture will upgrade the precision of the Lorentz-symmetry-violating parameter ke-(ZZ) to 4E-18. The investigation will sharpen our understanding of the crucial mechanisms that affect the stability of the laser interferometers and shed light on the difficulties of coping with thermal noise floors that have long haunted the precision tests of this type, providing a state-of-the-art experimental platform for future high-precision test of Lorentz invariance as well as many other related experiments on fundamental laws of physics.

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