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The Physical and Technical Foundation for Atomic Frequency Standards

Source: The National Basic Research Program of China (also called 973 Program)

Grant No: 2005CB724500

Project: The Physical and Technical Foundation for Atomic Frequency Standards

Chief Specialist: Prof.  Kelin Gao

Introduction:Time and frequency is at present the most precision and accurate metrological unit among all known physical quantities and constants. Definitions and precisions of many other physical quantities and fundamental physical constants can be derives from time and frequency. Time frequency is not only to provide new discovery opportunities to understand physical world, but also a important work to show a country’s strategic challenge capabilities. It plays a key role in GPS, precision striking weapons, information highway and so on. High precision frequency standards are important aspects related to research for economic development, scientific innovation, national metrological standards, national information system and national defense construction. This sub-project aims to solve some urgent front issues of fundamental physical and technology in atomic frequency standards field. The research work will cover front field of atomic frequency standards and put emphasis on new type of cold atom and trapped ion frequency standards, fundamental pgysical issues and key techniques related to atomic frequency standards. Several breakthroughs and innovations will be achieved in the fundamental research and techniques of new principle of atomic frequency standards. They will improve the performance of independent national time and frequency system, to meet the national requirements for better practical time and frequency standards. Original innovations and our own intellectual property rights will be possessed in the future research of atomic frequency standards.


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