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Research Intrests


1. Single-atom system and manipulation of quantum state


To prepare single-atom systems by magneto-optical trap and optical dipole trap, cool single

atoms to the harmonic oscillator ground state by Raman side band cooling technology,

precisily control the collisions between atoms by Feshbach resonance, control the movement

of the ring lattice by phase modulation LG light, the goal is to achieve a controlled multi-bit

quantum gates and synthesis single diatomic molecules.


2. Atom interferometers and applications

The gravity measurement instruments have a wide application in the area of resource and

environmental exploration. Atom interferometer is a new kind of gravity measurement

instruments. We realized the cold atom interferometer, we will carry out experimental

investigation on gravity measurement and application of atom interferometers. 


3. Equivalence Principle test based atom interferometers

The development of experimental techniques of atom interferemeters provide a new way for

Weak Equivalence Principle test in the ground laboratory by matter waves. Atom

interferometry has more advantages than neutron interferometry in Equivalence Principle

test experiments. Cold atoms have lower speed, the sensitivity of cold atom interferometer

is much better than that of neutron interferometer; the coherence of cold atoms are bettter, 

cold atoms can be used to measure g with high accuracy. It is possible to test Equivalence

Principle with higher precision in the laboratory by using atom interferometers.


4. Theoretical studies
Theoretical study of black hole radiation
Gravity remote transfer based on atom interferometer
Gravitational wave detect based on atom interferometers
Vortex and droplets solution  of holographic D - wave superconductors
Chaos in special optical trap

 Experimental Instruments


Setup for single atoms



Setup for atom chip



Atom interferometer


Atom fountain (1)


Atom fountain (2)


Atom fountain (3)


Visit and exchange

President Lu Yongxiang  visited the laboratory


President Bai Chunli  visited the laboratory


Professor Ding Zhaozhong  visited  the laboratory

Professor J.-P. Conerrade visted




Professor Jun Ye 


Professor Gallegher


Photo with Academician Liu Songhao


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