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WIPM attended the 27th International Laser Radar Conference in New York

Author: Update time: 2015-07-21

The 27thInternational Laser Radar Conference (ILRC)was held in New York City, USA onJuly 5-10, 2015. Dr. Yang Yong and PhD studentLi Yajuan from the lidar group of the WIPM high technology innovation and development center attended the conference. 

ILRC, hosted by the International Coordinating Group for Laser Atmospheric Studies (ICLAS),is currently the most influential international academic conference in the field of the lidar atmospheric detection.Presentations comprehensively cover the field of lidar and lidar application in diverse topical areas including: Spaceborne Lidar Missions, Advances in LIDAR Technologies and Techniques, Aerosol Observations and Retrievals, Lidar Cloud Studies, Remote Sensing of Volcanic Ash, Lidar For Trace Gas Monitoring, Lidar Applications to Boundary Layer Studies, Lidar Applications to Winds and Turbulence, Middle and Upper Atmospheric Lidar, Lidar Networks, Combining Lidar and Other Observations, and Marine and Terrestrial Lidar. 

Nearly 400 representatives from the United States, Europe, China, Russia, Japan and Latin America have attended the meeting. The conference provides a forum of scientific communication on the latest progress of the laser radar technologies and applications. 

At the meeting,Dr. Yang Yong made an oral report titled ‘The Techniques and Progress of Wind and Temperature Lidar in WIPM’. Details of the lidar development, technology and prospect were introduced in his report, which was highly rated by international peers.PhD student Li Yajuan introduced her research work of Raman lidar in her poster "Pure Rotational Raman Lidar for Temperature Measurements from 5 to 40 km over Wuhan, China”. Awarded by the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences as the first batch of PhD funding to go abroad to attend international conference, she was also funded by the ILRC organizing committee. 

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