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Traffic flow research for information transportation on the complex networks

Author: Update time: 2014-10-11

    We study the traffic flow for information transportation on the complex networks. When the total node's packet-delivering capacity is fixed, we design a best allocation of packet-delivering capacity on different nodes, which maximizes the network capacity. We first study the information transportation on mobile networks. It is found that the network capacity can be enlarged when the moving speed and the communication range increases. Our study would be useful for the design of Wireless Mobile Ac Hoc Network.

    For networks of mobile agents, we propose a greedy routing. In the he greedy delive routing algorithm, every time step a packet in agent A is delivered to the agent  B whose distance from the destination is shortest among the searched neighbors of agent A. We find that the transportation capacity of the network increase as the communication radius increase. The transportation capacity of network reaches the highest at the moderate moving speed. We also find that the average delivering time increase as the moving speed increase  but decrease as the communication radius increase.

Reports -BingHong Wang
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