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Prof. Jean-Paul Amoureux from University of lille-1 visited WIPM

Author: Update time: 2013-11-17

At the invitation of Prof. Feng Deng,  Prof. Jean-Paul Amoureux from University of lille-1 (France), visited Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics and delivered a lecture entitled “Application of DNP to solids, and uniform manipulation of broad MAS spectra using DANTE” on November 15, 2013. 


In the talk, Prof. Amoureux introduced the recent research interests and significant progress achieved in his group. The combination of DNP with solid state NMR techniques allows the sensitivity enhancement of NMR signals to 1-2 order, which largely reduces the NMR acquisition time to 1/100 ~ 1/10000. A series of ssNMR methods were proposed to facilitate the signal detection from the framework 29Si sites and templates 13C components in mesoporous materials and establishment of the correlation for 29Si-29Si and 13C-27Al pairs at nature abundance. Meanwhile, Prof. Amoureux shared lots of experimental experiences for the setting up of DNP experiments and draw a prospective remark for the development and application of DNP in the near future. Moreover, DANTE scheme, which worked far beyond strongest hard pulse, was introduced to excite the NMR signals with extremely broad spectral window (> 1 MHz). The topic regarding ssNMR with DNP, and DANTE excitation had attracted general interests for the people focusing on related areas. After the lecture, a discussion session was organized among Prof. Amoureux and the staffs from Prof. Feng Deng’s group. 


Prof. Amoureux is well recognized for his achievements on the development of solid state NMR methodology in the past 30 years.  Dr. Amoureux has published over 220 peer-reviewed articles, with a total citation over 5000 times. He is in close corporation with Prof. Feng Deng for the design of novel ssNNR methods at high field under ultra-fast magic angle spinning, and the application of these robust techniques to heterogeneous catalysis systems. In addition, he is also one of organization committee members for the past three Sino-French Solid-State NMR workshops, which emphasizes on sharing the experiences and skills in solid state NMR community and promotes the cooperation among these research groups. 




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