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Professor Stephen J. Buckman from ANU Visit WIPM

Author: Update time: 2013-05-09

Prof. Buckman from Australian National University was invited to visit Wuhan Institut of Physics and Mathematics. During his visit, he gave a report on “Low energy interactions of antimatter with matter”.

Positron is electron’s antiparticle, which has the same mass as the electron but has a positive charge. The positron is the first antiparticle to be discovered. In his talk, Prof. Buckman reported the discovery of the positron, fundamental studies and applications in biomedical science and material science. The existence of positron was first predicted by Paul Dirac in 1930 and was experimentally confirmed by Carl Anderson in 1933. Positrons can be produced either through using a particle accelerator or by using a radioactive isotope which in the process of nuclear decay, emits positrons. The positrons are emitted with a very high energy and low energy resolution. However, in experiment, high flux, high energy resolution and high efficiency positrons are need. In the talk, Prof. Buckman reported their experiment facility and techniques for positron accumulation, confinement, cooling.

Positrons are very interesting in fundament studies. Since there is no exchange interaction with atom, the low energy positron-atom scattering is different from electron-atom scattering. The positronium is formed due to the attraction between positron and electron. Prof. Buckman also reported the applications of positrons in biomedical science and material science. Now, Positrons are useful probe in the analysis of open and porous material structure and becoming a key analytical tool in materials science. Positrons are also widely used in Bio-Medical science, such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET) which has become one of tools for active imaging of metabolism in the body, including brain function and certain types of cancers.

Prof. BuckmanStephen Buckman is currently the Director of the Research School of Physics and Engineering, ANU.His research interests involve benchmark studies of positron collisions with atoms and molecules, positron and electron interactions with bio-systems and positron beam technology for atomic, molecular and materials science studies. His report excited great interest among teachers and students and lead to an animated discussion.

During the visit, Prof. Buckman was invited to visit the State Key Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance and Atomic and Molecular and Laboratory of Atomic Frequency Standards. He highly complimented the devices of the ultrafast laser dynamics of atoms and molecules, optical frequency standard, ultracold atomic physics, high-precision atomic interferometer and the relative research work. Prof. Buckman and Prof. Mingsheng Zhan also made an in-depth discussion on the graduate education, research cooperations.
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