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Professor Clezio from INPE visited WIPM

Author: Update time: 2013-03-14

Clezio Marcos De Nardin, a scientist from Brazilian Society for space geophysics and aeronomy, visited Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics(WIPM, CAS) on March 7th, 2013. Some research workers from the National Space Science Center also visited WIPM with him. After the visit of lidar laboratory, prof. Clezio made two academic reports titled “The EMBRACE space weather program: current status” and “A Magnetometer Network in South America: the Station K index”, respectively.

At the beginning of the first report, prof. Clezio made a presentation of the EMBRACE space weather program. When speaking of the content, he emphasized several points to the present, such as data collection, global and region (South America) effect, cluster on line and updated, information in real time, forecast under disturbance, etc. Next, he introduced the working groups, the environment of the headquater, the scientific outcome, and the communication with as well as influence on the society outside.

The second report was focused on the contribution and study of a Magnetometer Network. Prof. Clezio first interpreted the scientific significance of the network, which is of importance to research the magnetosphere and ionosphere. Besides, he provided some details on the instrumentation and underlined the necessity of the inter-calibration procedure. Finally he showed the information they had obtained from the EMBRACE net, and the acknowledgement they had won. This research, which possessed the functions of near-real time display and availability, revealed the charm of the science.

After the speech time, professor Clezio exchanged ideas with the researchers from the National Space Science Center and WIPM, and then a look around of other laboratories followed.

Professor Clezio is a scientist of the aeronomy division, now the head of the EMBRACE space weather program, and the president of the Brazilian Society for space geophysics and aeronomy. He had published 20 international articles in indexed journals, published 28 articles in proceeding of scientific congresses, presented 100 reports in scientific events, developed 1 technological product and 3 software. He had participated in the international cooperation among INPE, the Air Force Philips Laboratory (AFPL) and the UFSM (INPE / AFPL / UFSM), and had earned 4 scientific awards.
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