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“Father of Metabolomics” ——Prof. Jeremy K. Nicholson visited our institute

Author: Update time: 2014-07-15

Prof. Jeremy K. Nicholson from Imperior College (UK) was invited to visit our institute in July 9th. He gave us a report named “Statistical Spectroscopy and Metabolic phenotyping in Medicine”. This report is the 63th report of “XiaoHong Shan Platform”. About two hundred teachers and students were attracted to attend the lecture from many units, such as Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathmatics, Wuhan Institute of Virology and Wuhan University, etc. Maili Liu, the head of our institute presided over the meeting.

Prof. Jeremy K. Nicholson is the forerunner and the international top reseacher in metabolomics. He proposed the definition of “metabonomics”in 1999, and  published more than 500 academic papers in the international superior journals such as “Nature”.For his work, Nicholson has received numerous honors, including The Royal Society of Chemistry Gold Medal for Analytical Chemistry, the Pfizer Global Chemistry Prize for Chemical Biology, etc. Nicholson was appointed as “Einstein  chair professor in Chinese Academy of Sciences” in 2003.

In the report, Zhiming Yuan, the dean of Wuhan Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences presented Nicholson the certification of “Einstein Chair Professor in Chinese Academy of Sciences”. In the lecture, Prof. Nicholson firstly introduced human metabolic phentyping research, roles of microbes in regulating human metabolic pathway and drug metabolism toxicity. After that, he explained surgical metabonomics, real-time diagnostics and integrative patient modelling. Particularly, the entire audience repressed a sigh of admiration about his lecture involving the perfect combination of mass spectrum techniques and the clinical surgery.

After the excellent report, Prof. Nicholson’s observations gave rise to an animated and lively discussion. According to the face-to-face communication, not only we felt the charm of the masters, but also identifying the gap with the best research group in the world. All above inspired our fighting will to climb the peak of scientific research, and contribute to the prevention, early diagnosis and biomarker-finding of human diseases.

In the visiting, Prof. Nicholson also looked over the state key laboratory of magnetic resonance and atomic and molecular.


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