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WIPM hosted the International Workshop on “Quantum Many-Body Systems in Low Dimensions: Theory and Experiment”

Author: Update time: 2013-07-02

The International Workshop on “Quantum Many-Body Systems in Low Dimensions: Theory and Experiment” was held in Wuhanduring June 19-21, 2013. This workshop was hosted by Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), together with two cooperating institutions - Sun Yet-sen University and Chongqing University. About 60 leadingexperts took part in this workshop from 28 universities and institutions from 9 countries, including China, France, USA, UK and Australia. The participants discussed new trends and developments in this highly active field and also explored possible future collaborations. 

The Deputy Director of WIPM Prof. Mingsheng Zhan gave a welcome speech and introduced the range of research at WIPM. The 30 invited speakers included Tin-Lun Ho from Ohio State University, Natan Andrei from Rutgers University, Franciso Alcaraz from University of Sao Paulo, Vladimir Rittenberg from Bonn University, Georgy Shlyapnikov from National Center for Scientific Research, France, German Sierra from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Yupeng Wang from the Institute of Physics of CAS, Hai-qing Lin from Beijing Computational Science Research Center, Li You from Tsinghua University, and You-Quan Li from Zhejiang University. The speakers reported on their new breakthroughs and developments in low-dimensional quantum many-body systems, such as the off-diagonal Bethe ansatz, conformal field theory, quantum information, density functional theory, quench dynamics, polarons, magnetic systems, quantum correlation, critical phenomena, quantum Hall effect, spin-orbital coupling, spinor quantum gases, numerical calculations, dipole-dipole interaction in cold atoms, and Anderson localization. Stimulating discussions improved our understanding of these fundamental problems in a wide range of physics.

Before, during and after the workshop, some experts visited the State Key Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance and Atomic & Molecular Physics and the Key Laboratory of Atomic Frequency Standards of CAS at WIPM. Prof. Natan Andrei and Prof. Andrew Truscott delivered two further very interesting seminars at WIPM after the workshop.

This workshop was financially supported by the research grants of Prof. Xiwen Guan from WIPM, Prof. Chaohong Li from Sun Yet-sen University and Prof. Murray Batchelor from Chongqing University.

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