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Researchers of WIPM attended AISAMP 10

The 10th Asian International Seminar on Atomic and Molecular Physics (AISAMP 10) was held on Oct. 23th to 27th 2012 in Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei. Where the plenary talks “Progress on Lithium Calculations” and “The Progress on the Optical Frequency Standard of Trapped and Cold 40Ca+”, were given by professor Yan Zongchao and Dr. Guan Hua, who came from Wuhan institute of physics and mathematics (WIPM, CAS). Two talks showed the recent progresses of WIPM in the field of precision calculation of neutral lithium and optical frequency standard based on single trapped calcium ion, which earned high opinions from the scientists in the seminar.

AISAMP is a biennial important international conference in the field of atomic and molecular physics. The 10th AISAMP conference attracted more than eighty scientists, including Prof. Toru MORISHITA from University of Electro-Communications, Prof. Tu-nan CHANG from University of Southern California, and Prof. Dong Hyun CHO from Korea University et al.. And a special memorial session was hold in memory of Prof. Gou Qingquan and Prof. Robert T. Poe. The former is the co-initiator of AISAMP, and the later is the founder of Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica and Taiwan’s first synchrotron facility.

The topics of this conference involved several hot topics, including the structural theory of atoms and molecules, cold atoms, quantum information, the interaction of atoms and molecules with femtosecond laser field and precision spectrum measurement. The researchers introduced the recent research progresses. Through discuss between the scientists, the understanding were enhanced between institutes and research groups in the related fields, which are the bases for further cooperation.

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