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WIPM attend The International Workshop on Quantum Manipulation of Atoms and Photons

The International Workshop on Quantum Manipulation of Atoms and Photons was held in East China Normal University,Shanghai, between 16-22 October, 2011.The workshop was based on the GDRI program of “Quantum Manipulation of Atoms and Photons” between China and France. And this meeting was the first.

The workshop was co-organized by East China Normal University, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and Shanxi University. More than 6 countries ware involved in the workshop: China, France, Germany, Australia, Japan and Singapore. Many famous physicists and excellent youthful researchers were invited to attend the meeting and talk about the progress on the quantum optics and their own field of research. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together the groups of laboratories that share the same interests and involve in fields dealing with quantum manipulation of atoms and photos and their applications: namely atomic physics and quantum optics, covering up activities such as atomic clocks, nano-photonics or quantum information. The workshop was composed of Lectures, Keynote Talks, Invited talks, PhD student Forum and poster presentations. There was 6 days for the conferees to communicate and discuss the international cooperation.
Prof. ZHAN Mingsheng, from Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM), CAS, was invited to attend the meeting and gave a Keynote talk about the single atom manipulation and the 10-meter atom interferometer. The international associates were interested in our work. After the meeting, prof. ZHAN had invited Prof. Philippe Bouyer from the Institute of Optical, Bordeaux, France, to visit WIPM in a few days.
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