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WIPM attended the 52nd Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference

The 52nd Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference (ENC) was held at Asilomar Conference Grounds, in California, USA from Apr 10 to 15, 2011. ENC is one of the most influential international events in the field of magnetic resonance, held every two years since 1960. More than 1200 attendees of related fields took part in the 52nd ENC, and they gave over one hundred excellent reports divided into twenty topics. Professor Liu Maili, Wang Yulan, Zhou Xin, Tang Chun, Li Conggang and associate professor Jiang Ling attended the conference.

Prof. Wang Yulan was invited to give a tutorial lecture on “Statistics and validation for mixture analysis”, and associate prof. Jiang Ling also gave a talk on “A Selective NMR Method for Detecting Choline Containing Compounds in Intact Liver Tissue: the 1H-14N HSQC Experiment”. The reports attracted widespread attention and aroused lively discussions of other attendees, which enhanced the international influence and visibility of WIPM.In the meeting of over one hundred Chinese scientists present, Prof. Liu Maili gave a lecture on “NMR in China” introducing the development status of NMR research in China, especially exploration outcomes of WIPM in recent years.

In the 52nd ENC, Prof. Wang Yulan was elected as ENC executive committee member in the next three years, who was the first Chinese scientist to receive this honor.
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