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"The 11th National Conference on Scanning Tunneling Microscopy" held in Wuhan

"The 11th National Conference on Scanning Tunneling Microscopy" (STM’11) organized by the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences was took place in Wuhan East Lake from November 2 to 5, 2010. More than 120 delegates form near 40 scientific research institutions attended this conference. Sixteen well-known experts in the field of SPM were invited to present conference lectures, 47 scholars presented oral reports, and 28 posters were posted.

During academic session, Professor Yang Jinlong and Professor Wang Bing, from University of Science and Technology of China, introduced the research progress on SPM by the first principle calculation system simulation and the recent application of physical chemistry of STM on a single molecule on the surface, respectively; Professor Xiao Xudong, from Chinese University of Hong Kong, introduced the pseudogap and superconductivity of nano-size Pb islands on the Si (111)- 7× 7 surface; Professor Cai Jiye, from Jinan University, introduced a series of research results about biological cells by AFM; Professor Wu Kehui, from Institute of Physics, CAS, showed the molecular beam epitaxial growth and transport properties of the topological insulator Be2Se3 films; Professor Dong Zhenchao, from University of Science and Technology of China, reported some novel molecular phenomena, such as upconversion luminescence; Professor Zhang Wenke, from Jilin University, showed the AFM studies about artificial modulation of DNA-DNA replication protein interactions. Additionally, Gao Hongjun’s Group (Institute of Physics, CAS), Xue Qikun’s Group (Tsinghua University), Pan Shi’s Group (Dalian University of Technology), Maobing Wei’s Group (Xiamen University) and Cai Qun’s Group (Fudan University) demonstrated their latest research results through oral reports or posters, respectively. After each report, there was a section for intercommunion between the reporter and the listeners. The atmosphere of the meeting was free and active.

The National Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Conference, sponsored by Bai Chunli (an academician of the Science Academy) at the very beginning, has been held for ten times successfully. This meeting (STM’11) not only shows the research results about scanning tunneling microscopy and its application by universities and research institutions in the last two years, but also gives participants a platform for academic exchanges. We believe that the sparks of wisdom from discussion will be shine in the future research of scanning probe microscopy.

At this meeting, some companies, such as Bruker, Agilent, NT-MDT, Techcomp, SPECS, German Tech, exhibited their related products and gave financial support to STM’11. And "" made propaganda for this conference.

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