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WIPM attended the 22nd International Conference on Atomic Physics

Recently, the 22nd International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP 2010) was held in the city of Cairns, in Tropical North Queensland, Australia between 25-30 July,2010. Invited by Professor Peter Hannaford in Swinburne University of Technology, Prof. Ming-sheng Zhan, Ke-lin Gao and Jin Wang at WIPM attended this conference. The ICAP 2010 was held per two years and the topic of this one was Cold Atomic Physics and Precision Measurements. More than 400 attendees came from nearly 40 countries attended this conference.

The posters submitted by Prof. Ming-sheng Zhan, Jin Wang and Ke-lin Gao with the topics of “The Single Atom Trapping and Manipulating”, “Measurement of local gravity via a cold atom interferometer” and ”Progress on Single Ion Trapping and Optic Frequency Standards”, have attracted many researchers’ interest. They were interested in the research progress of cold atomic physics at WIPM. After this conference, Prof. Ming-sheng Zhan and Jin Wang were invited to visit the Australian International Gravitational Research Centre (AIGRC). Accompanied by the director of the AIGRC, Prof. David Blair, they visited the L-shape laser interferometer which had one 80 meters long center-arm to detect the gravitational waves. They also discussed several key technologies in high-power laser, large size vacuum system and super oscillation insulate system, et al..

The ICAP represents the new progress in the world and attracts many excellent scientists on Atomic Physics. In order to promote the research on Atomic Physics in China, Prof. Prof. Ming-sheng Zhan offered a proposal to organize ICAP in China on the International Advisory Committee, and they accepted this suggestion.

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