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Address from the Director

Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM) Chinese Academy of Scienceswas rebuilt by merging the former "Wuhan Institute of Physics" (founded in 1958) and "Wuhan Institute of Mathematical Sciences" (refounded in 1957) into one in 1996. Under the leadership of Wang Tianjuan, Zhang Chenxiu, Li Jun, Li Guoping, Ding Xiaqi, Ye Chaohui and other representatives of the older generation of scientists, and after several generations of hard work and innovation, WIPM gradually developed to be a comprehensive research base with atomic and molecular physics, spectroscopy, mathematical physics as the core, a multi-interdisciplinary as the feature and a combination of basic research and high-tech application.

During the 50 years, the institute has made outstanding contributions in promoting of cutting-edge research related disciplines, meeting the needs of major national strategies, developing high-tech industries, training high-level research talent, etc. Institute gained a total of nearly 300 major scientific research achievements and 102 authorized patents; since the knowledge innovation project, institute has published annually for more than 150 papers in SCI. With the constant deepening of knowledge innovation project, the comprehensive strength of WIPM has been improving steadily. The main performance is that the capability of completion of major national research mission has improved, the personnel has rapidly grown, the innovation has enhanced, and the ability to transfer research results into innovative has improved. Institute has entered a good period of steady development.

In the next five years, WIPM will be driven by national strategic goals, and deeply carry out basic and applying research of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, atomic and molecular physics and mathematical physics, to solve the major scientific and technological problems restricting China's economic, social development and national security. The institute will focus on strengthening research in cross-over study areas such as the physics and mathematics, magnetic resonance with life sciences and materials sciences, atomic and molecular physics and quantum information and photoelectric detection. Meanwhile the institute will pay attention to the research and development of high-tech, and strengthen the transformation of achievements. We will strive to build our institute a unique research base with cross-over study of spectroscopy, atomic and molecular physics, mathematical physics and related study, and a high-tech R & D base of Atomic Frequency Standard from basic to the application, making WIPM an irreplaceable national research institutes with important academic influence in the international area and leading national research.

On this occasion, I would like to sincerely pay high tribute to the comrades who have paid positive contribution to the construction, development, reform and innovation of WIPM. We sincerely invite colleagues at home and abroad to join in for cooperation and communication, and welcome outstanding students to come for the degree and to display their talent.

Let us work together and inherit from the past to strive for greater achievements of WIPM.



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